Confessions of a Blonde....

Whaddup my beautifuls! Long time no inspo to visit this writing space... forgive me?
I’m writing today to err.. ok this is a confession post so I’ll start with the fact I’m only writing it because I wanted to test out the blogging app on my phone.. aheh! So this post comes to you.. from the treadmill! Legit I’m power walking at 6.5kph as I type. 
Ok confessions continued. 
  • I have 2 life paces.... 100 miles an hour or 1 mile per hour. June was the latter. I just couldn’t get into it, mentally or physically.
  • Hunni I’ve been trying to find a middle ground for like 4 years now. 
  • I waste days too. Weeks. I wasted June. Fact. 
  • I preach self love, then have days where I critic every single detail about myself. EVERY.SINGLE.DETAIL. 
  • Legit, there’s no insult you can throw at me that I’ve not believed about myself at some point - try me!
  • I used to think once I’d mastered self love.. that I’d just wake up every single day in a cloud of grateful bliss... I was wrong, in fact some days I have to master a mindshift “woman why don’t you have your shit perfectly together” to .... “hey beautiful, well done for getting out of bed. What’s the next small step we can take?”  
  • I don’t post every single meal I eat on social media. I definitely didn’t post the fish & chip/Krispy Kreme/ peanut m&ms binge I had while preaching yolo on Saturday. Oops.... 
  • I’m not doing what I planned to be doing at this stage in my life. My excuse is that “real life happened” but it’s exactly that: an excuse. 
  • I haven’t given up on myself, or my goals. & there is no ‘Yet’ in that sentence.
  • I’m really proud of myself for freestyling this post from the treadmill in 20 minutes.... 

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