My Biggest Flaw

I've never proclaimed to be perfect... Okay maybe I have but who would have believed me anyway? 
I have many flaws and bad habits just like everyone else. But my biggest the flaw, the one that gets me into the most trouble in every area of my life... relationships, friendships, work... TIMEKEEPING!!
I am that girl who is still sat in the bath tub while my friends are waiting at the dinner table, I reserved. 
Least I used to be, this post is all about the things I am doing to improve this shituation! 
  • 5,4,3,2,1 - I'm up. I've been using Mel Robbins 5 second rule to get myself out of bed as soon as that alarm goes off. 
  • Morning routine - Water, vitamins, coffee - GET IN THE SHOWER
  • Do not touch my phone... seriously the minute I start checking the gram, replying to DM's, replying to Whatsapp, it's game over. I now have a rule that unless it's an emergency which it never is at 6am - it can wait until after I am dressed and ready for work. 
  • Prepping my work clothes the night before, making sure my gym attire is ready to slip into when I finish work. 
  • Making sure all of my food is prepped and packed and ready to transfer from the fridge to my lunch bag, again I do this the night before. 
  • Getting to work early, to build up flexi time. I'm very fortunate that I have flexi hours at work, I can build myself up to 5 extra days holiday by working overtime during the week. Because I only get 45 minutes lunch break (30 of which I legally have to take) and I want to get to the gym straight after work - arriving at the office 15-30 minutes early is my best option for building up flexi hours. So far, I've build myself an extra 1.5 days annual leave!!
What are your little quirks that you could do with putting a little focus on correcting? 

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