Blonde Meets CBD One! Product Review!

Back in May I went to Bodypower expo, I think it was my 4th year now in a row… if you went also, I know some of you would have been a little bummed out about the turn out this year… it was missing a lot of the big brands – Grenade, Bodybuilding.com, Quest. Gym shark haven’t attended the last 2 years, and probably won’t ever again after opening a competing pop up shop, in the same city, on the same weekend in 2018 … yah.. Anyways! That’s business and the fitness industry always has been highly competitive. 

The beauty of this situation is without some of the larger brands taking all the glory, we got more exposure to and the opportunity to support some of the smaller and up and coming brands.

As you all know, I Blondie, am a sufferer of Anxiety and low mood. This can literally cripple me and my productivity. Then on the flip side when I’m on my A Game – I buzz around at 100mph without sitting down… which often leads to burn out which then leads to increased anxiety and low mood – you know where I’m going with this?

Basically…. I needed a “Blonde chill the eff out” remedy and I’ve needed this for some time now…

So, imagine my intrigue when all of these CBD products started showing up in the fitness market.

The issue you have with products like CBD oil etc. making a massive boom in the market, is there are hundreds of “Fake brands” selling shoddy product. This scared me massively when being approached by CBD brands on social media.

So when I saw the CBD One stand at Bodypower I took the opportunity to stop and meet the guys to find out more about their product. CBD One is owned by Nick & Alex Tofalos who have over 15 years’ experience in the natural health market. Alex explained in enthusiastic details how he and Nick worked so hard to build their professional and trustworthy brand in a product field they really believed in, his knowledge on CBD filled me confidence and led me to wanting to try the product and so he kindly hooked me up with a bottle of their absorb range, which I have to say…. does as I hoped, and chills, a blondie out! I tend to only use it in the evenings when I need to relax after a hard day, one pump into a bottle of water and it really does calm me and helps me to get settled for the night.

Here’s a bit more from them about the product (they do a range of different things but I only ever discuss a product I have personally tried and tested)

“Traditional CBD products – while being extremely popular – are by design oil based and therefore broken down by our liver, leaving some of the product wasted?

People have reported amazing results from using CBD Oils despite this. Imagine if there was a way to increase this effectiveness?

The Absorb range has been designed to deliver a CBD product which can maximise the potential of the Cannabinoids and Terpenes we spend so much time and effort extracting.

CBD one’s two Absorb blends offer a unique product which offers up to 100% absorption in the body. This is, in effect, up to 10 times more effective than an equivalent Oil based product.

Ultra+ has a CBD content of approximately 400mg with 50 servings – offering circa 8mg of CBD per dose.
• Water based formula for increased absorption
• Up to 10x more effective than Oil based products
• Fantastic natural earthy, spicy taste
• Can be added to your favourite hot or cold drinks
• Great value for money
• Inhalable – can be used in nebulizer
• Whole Plant Cannabis Extract
• Contains Curcumin for extra boost
• Rich Terpene Profile
• Expertly Extracted
• Laboratory Tested
• 10ml bottle with pump – 50 servings

Find out more about CBD one and their product line here:

*This blog post was written as a tried and tested product review for a product I was gifted. 


Confessions of a Blonde....

Whaddup my beautifuls! Long time no inspo to visit this writing space... forgive me?
I’m writing today to err.. ok this is a confession post so I’ll start with the fact I’m only writing it because I wanted to test out the blogging app on my phone.. aheh! So this post comes to you.. from the treadmill! Legit I’m power walking at 6.5kph as I type. 
Ok confessions continued. 
  • I have 2 life paces.... 100 miles an hour or 1 mile per hour. June was the latter. I just couldn’t get into it, mentally or physically.
  • Hunni I’ve been trying to find a middle ground for like 4 years now. 
  • I waste days too. Weeks. I wasted June. Fact. 
  • I preach self love, then have days where I critic every single detail about myself. EVERY.SINGLE.DETAIL. 
  • Legit, there’s no insult you can throw at me that I’ve not believed about myself at some point - try me!
  • I used to think once I’d mastered self love.. that I’d just wake up every single day in a cloud of grateful bliss... I was wrong, in fact some days I have to master a mindshift “woman why don’t you have your shit perfectly together” to .... “hey beautiful, well done for getting out of bed. What’s the next small step we can take?”  
  • I don’t post every single meal I eat on social media. I definitely didn’t post the fish & chip/Krispy Kreme/ peanut m&ms binge I had while preaching yolo on Saturday. Oops.... 
  • I’m not doing what I planned to be doing at this stage in my life. My excuse is that “real life happened” but it’s exactly that: an excuse. 
  • I haven’t given up on myself, or my goals. & there is no ‘Yet’ in that sentence.
  • I’m really proud of myself for freestyling this post from the treadmill in 20 minutes.... 


Gratitude Diaries 27.05.19

Good afternoon my beautiful readers!
What better way to start a gratitude blog post than thanking all of you for making this blog such a great place for me to visit after 4 years! I can hardly believe I’ve been on this journey for 4 whole years now! Crazy how quickly time flies and yet so many things have changed. I have changed and grown so much as a woman in the last year, yet alone the last 4! 
I’ve loved and lost, loved and found! 
Learnt and tried. Learnt and failed. Learnt and succeeded! 
I keep 2 journals, one is a law of attraction journal - bullet journaling, recording my daily activities and plans, recording goals, monitoring them through out the month and then summarising at the end of the month. 
The second journal records 3 things I am grateful for, 3 amazing things that are going to happen that day, 3 positive affirmations, 3 amazing things that happened that day (goals acheived etc) and then 3 things I can improve on for the following day/s. 
I have been doing these journals for 5 months now consistently, what I have found is the more gratitude I express, the days I go into my day with good intentions and positive affirmations are the days I succeed the most. It’s mindset control, it’s me, taking control of my own mind, and in turn determining what is going to become of my day! 
So I thought I would start sharing on here, not daily but often, the things I am grateful for in my current state of life. I hope this can somewhat resonate with you and trigger you to see things you are grateful for. 
Sometimes we spend so much of our energy thinking forward, or looking back that we don’t take the time to be grateful for what is now. 
Here are 3 things I am grateful for right this moment; 
  • The Amy Landino YouTube video I watched this morning about the benefits of reading more regularly. Did you know that reading 25-30 minutes a day can extend your lifespan by upto 2 years? No me either. This YouTube video led me to picking up the book “the secret” a book I’ve been reading on and off for a couple of weeks now. I ended up on the chapter about gratitude, which then inspired me to write this post. 
  • My second thing I am grateful for today is the freedom of my own time to be able to do these things. Quite often I live my life at 100 miles an hour - I actually love living life this way, but on occasion I do cherish the odd downtime day. Today I went to the gym to do my morning cardio, popped to Morrison’s to buy ingredients for breakfast, then nipped over to Costa coffee to pick up my favourite brew; a coconut latte with sugar free caramel syrup! Literally, it soothes my soul. I was back home, making a delicious breakfast and showered by 11am. Led down to watch some YouTube/read with a cup of tea and now I’m led, hair still wet - typing this up. 
  • The third thing I’m extremely grateful currently, is my new adapted mindset to life. I struggled deeply a lot last year, and the very beginning of this year with depression and extreme anxiety. I would lock myself away for hours and just sob, or do nothing just laying there waiting for the hours to pass me by. Eventually, I got sick of my own shit, and I started taking action to feel better. Therapy, journaling, audio books, podcasts. Whatever it took. The more time i invested in myself, the more these things started becoming habits. Healthy habits, replacing the negative habits that were shitting all over my shine. The more I acheieved these positive habits, the prouder I became of who I was becoming. The better I felt about myself, the brighter my vibe became. The brighter my vibe became the more good, happy, positive things I attracted into my life. The best bit of coming up from the darkest place and seeing my life change before me, is that I really appreciated those positive changes. I was/am grateful for them. 
What are you grateful for today? 
Blonde xox 


My Biggest Flaw

I've never proclaimed to be perfect... Okay maybe I have but who would have believed me anyway? 
I have many flaws and bad habits just like everyone else. But my biggest the flaw, the one that gets me into the most trouble in every area of my life... relationships, friendships, work... TIMEKEEPING!!
I am that girl who is still sat in the bath tub while my friends are waiting at the dinner table, I reserved. 
Least I used to be, this post is all about the things I am doing to improve this shituation! 
  • 5,4,3,2,1 - I'm up. I've been using Mel Robbins 5 second rule to get myself out of bed as soon as that alarm goes off. 
  • Morning routine - Water, vitamins, coffee - GET IN THE SHOWER
  • Do not touch my phone... seriously the minute I start checking the gram, replying to DM's, replying to Whatsapp, it's game over. I now have a rule that unless it's an emergency which it never is at 6am - it can wait until after I am dressed and ready for work. 
  • Prepping my work clothes the night before, making sure my gym attire is ready to slip into when I finish work. 
  • Making sure all of my food is prepped and packed and ready to transfer from the fridge to my lunch bag, again I do this the night before. 
  • Getting to work early, to build up flexi time. I'm very fortunate that I have flexi hours at work, I can build myself up to 5 extra days holiday by working overtime during the week. Because I only get 45 minutes lunch break (30 of which I legally have to take) and I want to get to the gym straight after work - arriving at the office 15-30 minutes early is my best option for building up flexi hours. So far, I've build myself an extra 1.5 days annual leave!!
What are your little quirks that you could do with putting a little focus on correcting?